Growing a more sustainable future.

From our headquarters in rural Ireland to our farms which span the width and breadth of some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside, we are part of the rich history of Irish agricultural production. 

Our commitment to protecting our environment for future generations is at the heart of our business, and we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact at every step of production, packaging and delivery.

Mushrooms are sustainable by nature

Produced all year round in controlled environments, mushrooms offer a reliable and nutritious food source that is both local and easily exported. Inherently zero-waste, mushroom cultivation recycles and regenerates as standard.

Agri-circular Economy

We use by-products from other agri-industries in our mushroom substrate: straw, horse manure, poultry manure and gypsum. We extract the most value out of these materials to generate new produce. Once the mushrooms have been harvested, the spent substrate is used as a soil conditioner.

Precision Farming

Mushrooms are grown in a controlled environment that mimics a perfect Autumn day, the time of year when they naturally grow. And they require much less water than many other foods. The energy to run our farms is where we can make the biggest reductions in our climate impact. We continually invest in minimising the amount of heat, water required, and in making our farms as efficient as possible.

Low Air Miles

Mushrooms can be transported from the farms they’re grown on in under 12 hours, which is not only gentler on the planet but provides a fresher product too. Mushroom Miles is a report with the low environmental impact of mushrooms at the heart. The project was born out of the Miles Better initiative, a partnership between local farmers, sellers, and growers, to help consumers better understand the journey their food goes on from field to fork. Read more about the Mushroom Miles report here.

Supporting Local

Our farms support a large workforce across rural Ireland and beyond. Our mushrooms and fruits are grown locally in Ireland, making them one of the most sustainable choices for supporting the local economy.


Our farms don’t just focus on one element of sustainability. Some of our growers have created farms where biodiversity is a priority, with insect friendly wildflower plantings, bird baths and green areas to help support local biodiversity.

The Road to Net Zero

Some of our growers have set ambitious targets of becoming zero carbon businesses in a bid to tackle climate change.


One crucial aspect of our environmental commitments is our sustainable packaging goals. We’ve been working with our growers and our customers to develop innovative packaging solutions that will reduce our single use plastic output. This includes using cardboard where possible, reducing PVC films and using more PET plastics (which can be continuously recycled).

OUR Accreditations

Our Goals

Through continuous innovation and collaboration with our partners, we’re working towards a future where our produce not only nourishes our health but also sustains the planet for generations to come. We are committed to implementing sustainable practices across our entire supply chain, from cultivation to distribution. 

We are committed to minimising our greenhouse gas emissions through energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources, and carbon offset initiatives. And we are dedicated to minimising water usage and waste generation, striving towards reducing our waste production.We prioritise biodiversity and conservation, ensuring that our farming practices enhance rather than deplete the natural ecosystems in which we operate.