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Committed to helping our members grow.

CMP has grown from a Co-Op representing Irish mushroom producers, to its position today representing other agrifoods like soft fruits and veg, from across the EU.

Our strong financial performance illustrates the strength of our business model, which is in part down to the close relationship we have with growers, suppliers and clients. We understand the complex factors at play in producing the most profitable yield from our farms, and the market factors that influence consumer behaviour.

Our ambitions go even further through improved operational and marketing performance. Our PO has now expanded to represent mushroom growers from across the EU along with growers of soft fruits and veg.

Everything we do is aimed at maximising returns for our growers and promoting the industry to consumers. We are constantly looking for new ways to do this, through innovative new farm technology, investments, and training. An open dialogue with our growers is essential and we are always available for advice, support and assistance for our members.

Ultimately, everything we do is focused on helping our members grow their business, securing a profitable future for the next generation.


CMP’s current value of Marketed Production is €120 million, despite stiff competition and volatile exchange rates.

Currently 85% of PO production is marketed by UK Multiples through our network of marketing agents.

Since 2008 the CMP on farm investment programme has invested over 15 million on producer member farms, focusing on energy efficient boilers, air handling & ventilation systems, equipment for filling and ruffling, additional shelving, automatic watering systems and improved refrigeration on-farm for mushrooms.

This has helped deliver CMP’s objective of delivering improved quality and efficiencies in the industry.

CMP provides members with a comprehensive technical support service. Some of this support is contracted out; some is provided in-house; some specialists are retained when necessary to support growers. Without the support of the PO, this would be cost prohibitive. Our members are technically very strong, and attend various training events and farm walks organised by the PO. One of the big areas of focus is picker training. CMP have developed with the industry, a FETAC approved harvester training course. This has benefits for both the harvester and the grower. The training documentation is available to members in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovakian and Russian, reflecting the nationalities of harvesting staff.

CMP provide technical support to members on picker training and methods of production that improve yield and quality. This is by FETAC training, and by using the Teagasc, the National Training and Advisory service,

Main Features Include:

  • 100 producer visits per annum.
  • Organised producer farm walks for specialist growers of brown/chestnut, white closed cup, and breakfast flat mushrooms.
  • Workshops on many topics such as Bioenergy, Health & Safety, Rights &
  • Responsibilities as employers, production planning and product selection.
  • Research in Heat Recovery options and cost savings for members.
  • Research into using spent mushroom compost as a fuel.

Additional specialist technical support in areas such as optimising climate control units; training in getting full use of the computerised Fancom control panels; this helps with both yield and quality of mushrooms. The growing crop of mushrooms is very sensitive to temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in the air of the growing room/tunnel.

We implement lean technologies and skills to increase competitiveness, productivity and yield.


The compost supply of each producer is planned and this scheduling directly affects mushroom supply.

During the summer CMP liaises with members for up to a 20% reduction in compost in May and June, to match a seasonal dip in demand for June and July.

CMP is currently developing an improved forecasting system to assist our members supply us with accurate information on mushroom production, up to 6 weeks forward.

CMP monitors the mushroom production by compiling weekly compost fills to each member. This is used to project the expected volume of mushroom production.

During the summer months, there is a seasonal drop in demand for mushrooms. To avoid oversupply, CMP plan a summer cropping schedule for members in conjunction with end customers anticipated requirements.

In the last two years, CMP reduced compost fills to members over a 10 week period to reduce mushroom supply in July and August. This helps stabilise prices by curtailing supply in periods of known weak demand.

We have set up a communication messaging system to advise growers at critical cropping periods.

CMP is a FETAC registered training provider. They develop and deliver recognised and certified training courses for members.

All members are encouraged to have employees harvesting mushrooms, trained and FETAC certified.

Following a successful training period, successful pickers are awarded with a Specific Purpose Level 4 Certificate in Mushroom Harvesting. This training is of enormous benefit to members in terms of increased crop yield and improved quality. In the last 3 years almost 200 harvesters have been trained and attained this certification.

The training documentation is available to members in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovakian and Russian, reflecting the nationalities of harvesting staff.

Packaging CMP controls the allocation of packaging to its members. It is sourced and purchased in bulk from manufacturers at the best possible prices. This has delivered packaging cost savings of 30% for members. It means that products are delivered to the large multiple stores in Ireland and the UK in a uniform style, which makes marketing and quality control much easier. To order your packaging please contact 047-38733


Join the CMP team

We are a collective of growers across the mushroom and soft fruit sector. Membership is open to any growers from across the EU who want to be part of a network of driven business owners who have a passion for improving the industry for everyone one, both today and for the future. The power of the collective helps us achieve great things.

Growers work with us as we invest in our:


Some of the benefits members can avail of:

  • The most competitive prices via collective selling. As a collective of growers, we have the power to push as much as we can for price increases and cheaper raw materials
  • Amelioration of the effect of competition laws and their effect on the PO
  • Co-working and collaboration with other producers on sharing ideas and lobbying on various issues