Our Heritage

CMP was founded in 1999, as a co-operative by mushroom growers for mushroom growers.

Back then, there were 600 independent growers in Ireland, paving the way for a new industry that would soon become one of Ireland’s biggest exports. 

CMP had a pivotal role in delivering stability to the market by improving the quality of mushrooms, maintaining consistency of supplies, and getting a sustainable margin for producers,

Our first programme ran from 2000 to 2005. At that time we represented 266 growers. Other small groups of mushroom growers began to set-up producer organisations, many of these smaller groups found it difficult to survive and over time, closed down and their members moved to CMP.

During the last decade, there has been a significant rationalisation of the mushroom industry and numbers of growers fell to current levels of 18.

Due to CMPs programme of consistent improvements since 1999 the farm gate value of mushroom output has remained constant despite very stiff competition from the European market, and volatile exchange rates. Currently, 85% of PO production is marketed to UK multiples through our network of marketing agents.

In the last few years CMP has expanded to represent growers in the soft fruits sector. Representing this dynamic industry will add new skills, knowledge and expertise to our PO that will enrich all of our members’ businesses.