About CMP International

CMP is a producer organisation that markets and sells mushrooms and soft fruits on behalf of our growers across Ireland and the EU.

Established over 25 years ago, we’ve seen the industry evolve from small-scale production to where it is today – a thriving industry that makes up 42% of Irish horticultural food exports. 

Our organisation had a pivotal role in driving this change, and we’re driven by a determination to grow a competitive industry that produces the highest quality produce for consumers. A passion for excellence and a desire to achieve a sustainable future for everyone involved in our industry and our planet underlies everything we do.

In recent years we have expanded our business to include soft fruits, a product with a very different production system but that shares similar customers and challenges. Together we will be able to learn and improve our production and marketing approaches. CMP represents the largest group of employers in the Irish horticulture industry. 

Headquartered in Co. Monaghan we currently represent 15  growers. In 2021, our sales figures exceeded €117,000,000.

Our members benefit from being in the oldest and most established PO in Ireland, receiving technical advice and assistance, packaging, training, and on-farm investment as part of our ongoing programme. 

Our Vision

To drive demand for our fresh produce and become the most sustainable and innovative mushroom & fruit producers in Europe.

Our Mission

Our Values