CMP Mushroom Hrvesting TrainingCMP is a FETAC registered training provider. They develop and deliver recognised and certified training courses for members.

All members are encouraged to have employees harvesting mushrooms, trained and FETAC certified.

Following a successful training period, successful pickers are awarded with a Specific Purpose Level 4 Certificate in Mushroom Harvesting. This training is of enormous benefit to members in terms of increased crop yield and improved quality. In the last 3 years almost 200 harvesters have been trained and attained this certification.

The training documentation is available to members in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovakian and Russian, reflecting the nationalities of harvesting staff.

In the last three years over 130 of our mushroom pickers have completed training in the FETAC Certified mushroom harvester training programme. This is organised by CMP and it has made a major improvement to both quality and yield of our crops.
Mila Khokha,
Training Facilitator, Drimbawn Mushrooms.

Before CMP organised a professional course for mushroom pickers, it was seen as an unskilled job. All of my staff have benefitted for the fantastic training and are performing much better, and have a more detailed knowledge of what we are doing.
Kevin Lynch,
Farm Manager, Ballyleague Mushrooms.