CMP Mushroom ComposterTechnical Advice and Assistance

CMP provides members with a comprehensive technical support service. Some of this support is contracted out; some is provided in-house; some specialists are retained when necessary to support growers. Without the support of the PO, this would be cost prohibitive. Our members are technically very strong, and attend various training events and farm walks organised by the PO. One of the big areas of focus is picker training. CMP have developed with the industry, a FETAC approved harvester training course. This has benefits for both the harvester and the grower. The training documentation is available to members in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovakian and Russian, reflecting the nationalities of harvesting staff.

CMP provide technical support to members on picker training and methods of production that improve yield and quality. This is by FETAC training, and by using the Teagasc, the National Training and Advisory service,

Mushroom ProductionMain Features Include:

  • 100 producers visits per annum.
  • Organised producer farm walks for specialist growers of brown/chestnut, white closed cup, and breakfast flat mushrooms.
  • Workshops on many topics such as Bioenergy, Health & Safety, Rights &
  • Responsibilities as employers, production planning and product selection.
  • Research in Heat Recovery options and cost savings for members.
  • Research into using spent mushroom compost as a fuel.

Additional specialist technical support in areas such as optimising climate control units; training in getting full use of the computerised Fancom control panels; this helps with both yield and quality of mushrooms. The growing crop of mushrooms is very sensitive to temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in the air of the growing room/tunnel.